Wednesday, February 18, 2009


It's Neti Week in my classes. At least once a year during my pre-registered session, I bring a neti pot to class with me, along with a thermos of warm water and some sea salt. And I do neti. That's right, performance neti - right there in front of my class. With three classes, that's a lot of neti!

It's always fascinating to watch the reactions the neti pot generates. In kids' class, some are interested and others say “Oh, gross!!!” In my adult classes, there's a mix of squeamishness and fascination. My neti demonstration inevitably spurs a discussion of various yoga techniques and their efficacy.

One year, I demo'ed neti to a room full of mostly unimpressed adults, but a 17-year-old boy was so taken with neti that he bought his own pot and started doing doing it at home. He said it helped control his allergies. I believe him. Neti has not only helped me control allergies, it has helped clear sinus infections and stave off other illness.

I did the Primary Series, an evening practice, with a few modifications because I was feeling tired and stiff. But my sinuses felt great ;-)

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