Monday, February 2, 2009


I'm absolutely wiped out. My hockey league re-drafted teams and I'm playing on a brand new one. Apparently, no one on this team likes to be show up because we ended up with only 7 players (2 spares). To add insult to exhaustion, we were playing a team that's loaded with really skilled skaters. I didn't manage to even make it off the ice for a break during the first period, then it was spotty.

I love hockey, but that game couldn't have ended soon enough. One of the refs turned to me and quipped, “Is this enough ice time for ya?” Um, yeah.

I came home, took a hot bath and did a half-hour of restorative yoga. I spent most of that time draped over a bolster in various configurations but also did Eka Pada Raj Kapotanasana (Pigeon) and a supported Hanumasana (splits) because I'm renewing my vow to eventually do full Hanumasana. Well, someday.

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