Sunday, February 1, 2009


Wow, on the weekends time really gets away from me! Let's see: slept in a bit this morning, made hot morning beverages (I drink a coffee substitute called Teeccino), set up the new DVD player we bought yesterday then went for a long walk to our favourite café for tea and a better-than-sex brownie (the jury's still out). Skating and grocery shopping came after that, then we stopped by the DVD store to rent more documentaries.

Things I love about our neighbourhood DVD store: free popcorn, walking distance from the house, kick-ass chocolate chunk biscotti.

Oh yes, and yoga: basically, today was another one of those do-yoga-quickly-before-bed days. I did the abbreviated practice I've been using on those days that seem to have 16 hours instead of 24.

On an un-yoga note: We watched the documentary 'Sound and Fury'. It's about deaf culture and cochlear implants. It was absolutely riveting and I highly recommend it. It's one of those films that has me thinking long after the closing credits.

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