Thursday, February 19, 2009


Today, I discovered the secret of jump-throughs. I made this exciting discovery while teaching a kids' class and goofing around in sun salutations. Here's my epiphany: socks and a slidey floor. I probably did about 400 jump-throughs. I knew I was on the right track when I was getting 'ooo's' and 'ahhh's' from the kids and one child said with great excitement, “You're floating!”

Back at home, on my sticky yoga mat with bare feet, reality came in the form of stubbed toes, but I'm getting the idea and more importantly, I'm building strength. Hopping around the floor in my stockinged feet is way more fun than Uth Pluthi.

Today's practice was short and simple: Sun salutations and standing poses, probably about 20 minutes and very late at night - I had just returned from teaching three classes. I felt tired and run down. I was just happy to get it over with.

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