Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I decided that I needed a change of routine in the mornings. In the winter months, I gradually start sleeping in longer and longer until it's often late before I get up. There are probably some solid reasons behind this, including the cold and the shorter days, but now the days are gradually getting longer. My excuses are beginning to expire. So last night, I decided to set my alarm for 7 a.m. Baby steps.

I woke with the alarm this morning, got up and did my practice. It felt great. After the rush of the weekend, it was so nice to have plenty of time and really savour it. This week, I'm teaching a class structured around safe backbending that includes long holds in (various levels of) Bujangasana (cobra) and partner work using straps for Ustrasana (camel). I did the entire practice I had sequenced, starting with the pranayama (Nadi Shodanam) and even tying a strap to my bathroom door for the supported Ustrasana portion. Trippy. I really don't like backbending very much.

It was a good practice and, to my surprise, had me sweating a bit too. Afterward, I headed out into the snowstorm and skated for a half-hour on the neighbourhood rink. I finished all of this by 9, the time when I'm usually just thinking of getting out of bed. I had forgotten how nice it is to get up early (and how much easier it is when there's some light outside).


Flo said...

Sounds like a lovely way to start your day.

Michelle said...

I hear you on the light part. When we wake up we can finally see a bit of light filtering through our curtains. I am not a big backbending fan myself and I am just getting into a good cobra, 5 months after my surgery. Tried to lift into Upward Bow the other day and couldn't even bugde. Good old hysterectomy surgery!