Thursday, February 12, 2009


I did Swenson's short form today, following his sequence down to the letter. I wasn't feeling particularly rigid. The honest truth is, I was uninspired and just wanted to jump into something easily and fluidly. The short form is good for that - I unrolled my mat and stepped right into sun salutations.

My practice felt particularly good today, maybe because of the heat. It's very warm and humid here - well, warm for February. The high was 4C. When I'm teaching, I often end up demoing poses 'cold' because I'm not doing the practice with my students. I forget how much I love a pose like Sarvangasana (shoulderstand) until I do it with warm muscles. I was sweating today, so even the forward bends were blissful. Also did a great headstand today.

Everything just felt great. It's been a great week!

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hiphopple said...

I liked your description of doing Swenson's short-form, and why it works for you. I've just recently discovered it, and it has been a godsend!