Sunday, February 15, 2009


Woke early again, once again with the intention of doing the full primary. Unfortunately, I got distracted by the Internet and got a late start. I cut it to half-primary.

I'm somewhat amazed by my weekends lately. It used to be a chore to get to the mat for even 10 minutes on a Saturday or Sunday, but this waking early thing has totally transformed my weekend yoga practice. Of course, I've had to forfeit the whole 'sleeping in thing' to do it, but I'm not unhappy about the result. I always managed at least 45 minutes of practice these days.

Sundays have settled into a nice routine. Usually, I go ice skating, then I visit a favourite little café for chai tea and a brownie.

This week, I brought along the Anatomy Colouring Book and my brand new fancy-schmancy pencil sharpener and coloured for awhile. I was totally blissed out - I love colouring So far, I'm only into the pages detailing regions of the body, but I'm very excited about moving on to bones and muscle. My goal is to work my way through the entire book (colouring) this year.


Michelle said...

Alas, more balance. ART!

Kaivalya said...

lol...if you can call colouring in a book 'art.' I'm a visual learner so I'm hoping that colouring the words and images will help me remember some of this anatomy, which I do use in my teaching. At least, that's how it's supposed to work.