Saturday, February 28, 2009


I started practice today with every intention of doing full Primary, but it got cut short and I did half-primary instead.

I'm pretty sure the fact that I stopped to open up ALL the blinds in the apartment had something to do with this (I have cheap blinds - they take some time to open). Once the apartment was filled with golden sunlight, I continued. I'm craving sunlight these days. It was blissful to do yoga in beams of light.

I live in a south-facing apartment. During the winter, the sun shines straight in through the windows and it's a bit blinding so I usually keep the blinds down during these months to cut the glare. But as we're moving closer to spring, the sun is climbing higher into the sky each day. Soon, I'll be able to leave the blinds open all the time. I'm looking forward to this.

Today's cleaning project: The kitchen cabinets. Also known as 'Where Expired Food Goes to Die.” Ug.

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