Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Today I had my favourite brunch: Banana pancakes at Futures and spent the rest of the afternoon at my apartment, working. I took a break to do my practice.

The theme in my Hatha Yoga classes this week is developing core strength. I moved through my own sequence, rearranging a few things and tweaking the flow in a few spots. I'm really starting to enjoy Navasana.


Michelle said...

Does Sweet Pea practice yoga at all? Is her lifestyle anything like yours? Just curious. M

Kaivalya said...

Interesting question! No, Sweet Pea has *never* tried yoga. She has great respect for my practice and honours the time I set aside for it, but I have yet to entice her to the mat.

Our lifestyles are similar in that we're both active people, enjoying walking and biking, but the similarities end there. In general, I participate in a wider variety of physical activities than Sweet Pea does.

Our diets are/were very different. She eats meat and doesn't tend to eat as healthy as I do. I practice Calorie Restriction. Now, our diets have veered toward centre: I eat more 'junk' and she eats more 'healthy' these days.