Sunday, October 31, 2010


I had a horrible, horrible practice this morning. I felt stiff and creaky and weak. I was tired. My hamstring was cranky. My twists were not twisting and I couldn't bind Pasasana on one side. And don't get me started on backbends.

But despite all that, I really enjoyed it! I know it sounds crazy, but I really love practising in the morning. I know I would have had a harder time with a difficult practice like that later on in the day.

When I'm half-asleep, I seem to take things in stride. :-)

In the afternoon, I decided to go out and run some errands. It was a beautiful day, crisp and brilliant. The snow flurries passed and it turned sunny. I was waiting for a place to open in the east end of town when a parade suddenly marched by! It felt spontaneous and magical and had nothing to do with Hallowe'en (it was something Greek, I think).

I ended up spontaneously travelling to the far northern part of the city on the bus. I was sort of lost, then I figured out where I needed to be (but didn't find what I was looking for) and then I got stranded at a suburban mall. I literally couldn't find a way out. I was hungry, so I ended up eating at the food court there.

Hilarity ensues...what does a vegan eat at a mall food court in the quasi-suburbs? Why, Thai food, of course! I ended up having yummy noodles and a delicious eggplant/tofu dish. It was actually really good! When did food courts start offering edible food? I was so surprised!

I'm sure this has something to do with the ethnic diversity of the region. I really love this city! Even the fringe suburbs are kinda hip. Who knew?

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