Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Well, this is just too awesome. *sarcasm*

I'm sick.

Me, getting sick, is a funny thing because I don't usually believe it's actually happening. I woke up in the wee hours last night writhing in pain and popped two generic pain pills, as if THAT would make everything better.

It didn't, but I got up in the morning to practice anyway. I got all the way through my salt bath, meditation and made it to the mat before I started to clue in to how fabulously awful I felt.

I decided to work my way through the Suryas and standing poses. When I got to the seated, I knew that I would doing a modified Primary Series practice, at best.

I modified a LOT. I didn't do jumps (stepped back and forward instead). I did the Marichyasana twists very gingerly and didn't even bind Mari D. Then I started taking a lot of breaks curled up on my mat. And even THEN, I was still asking myself: "Am I really sick, or am I just dreaming this up?"

The Universe had the foresight to make sure my evening classes were cancelled, so I was able to get some rest. I'm not a happy convalescent, but I managed to lay around and nap for most of the day.

So, what does the Reluctant Ashtangi do when forced into inactivity?

Well, I watch a lot of DVDs for one. A couple of years ago, when I was on bedrest, I burned through three seasons of CSI. I though Gus Grissom was my best friend and spoke of him like we were totally hanging out (which we kind of were).

This time, I have the sixth season of Grey's Anatomy on deck and it's brand new to me since I don't watch television. I love this show because the shark-jumping is abundant and breathtakingly choreographed. I think every single character has almost died or died by now. Or has been impaled with an icecicle. Or hit by a bus.

I've also been watching the polls. These polls:

Did you stand up before or after you started 2nd Series?
Claudia created this poll. I'll admit that I'm totally cheering for "Drop back after 2nd" because I think the whole "Stand before 2nd" requirement is silly (maybe 'Standing up' should be the next poll). But I have to admit, I *did* drop back before I started the Intermediate Series and it appears that most people also fall into that category.

What should Miss Stan blog about?
I voted for gossip, but her super-exciting yoga practice came in a close second for me. I've been checking back all day, to see if the baby is still winning.

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit this, but I had to look up 'remoras' on Wikipedia. I thought that maybe it was a South Indian culinary specialty that I'm not wise to because I haven't been to Mysore yet. But nope, it's a fish. In fact, it's a type of shark, but it sticks itself to things instead of jumping.

(We're full circle again, back to sharks)

In other news, my Fabulous Vegan Muffins have gone viral on Twitter and they're now a Global Phenomenon! I've heard rumours of muffin-sightings in New York and California.

Muffins in Fife, Scotland:

Muffins in Amsterdam:

Apparently, baking muffins in paper cups is a European thing.

I hope I'm feeling better tomorrow, but at least I'm easily entertained.

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Helen said...

Hope you feel better soon, kai. Take care.

Rachel @ SuburbanYogini said...

I also made vegan muffins yesterday in paper cases. It is the way of the European Muffin... ;)

Elizabeth Pope said...

Congrats on 1000 posts & viral muffins! (Wait, that last didn't come out quite right. :)
If it helps, I've got my annual October sniffles over here. Discovered Six Feet Under & The Tudors. What a delicious way to pass the time while all stuffed up...

Arturo said...

Dear Kai
Hope you feel better. Viral muffins, hehe. We don't have ovens in China homes, and can't twitter; boohoo. I read that my pressure cooker can bake a cake. Can you imagine the same pot that makes porridge and veggie potages baking a cake? I can't. hehe.