Friday, October 22, 2010


This morning was a whirl of activity as I scrambled to accomplish everything that I would usually do over the course of the weekend, plus some. I did manage to sneak in an hour of Yin Yoga while the clothes were in the dryer. That hour was a lone island of serenity in an otherwise chaotic day.

So much for the Moon Day! I've hardly stopped moving!

I bought groceries, the laundry is finished, the apartment is clean and Princess Fur is huddled angrily in her basket, recovering from an unwanted bath. All of my weekend classes are subbed out, cancelled or postponed. I'm ready!

The Darbys are in town this weekend and I'm *very* excited! Over the next three days, I'll be attending 15 hours of yoga workshops with D&J. If you hear a big 'boom' in the general direction of Canada, that's my brain exploding from the information overload!

I'm treating this weekend a bit like a 'retreat'. I told my friends I would be unavailable and I've emptied my calendar. I wanted to have time to absorb the new information and think about what I was learning. It's also an opportunity to reflect about the direction of my practice in general.

This has been on my radar for a couple of months, I just can't believe it came up so quickly! I almost can't believe that I'll be getting on the subway in less than a half-hour and heading up to the very first workshop!

I hope Princess Fur is speaking to me again by the time I get back ;-)

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Helen said...

Yay, exciting! Look forward to hearing about it. I am on my way to London....

bindithug said...

princess fur is very sweet

Anonymous said...

I remembering reading about it and was contemplating a dual purpose visit with my cousin/ workshop trip to TO but that quickly faded when I knew it fell on my exam weekend.

I am happy that you are getting to study with them again after your great experience in Montreal. Enjoy your workshop!

Kaivalya said...

Glad you're getting to London lots to see your teacher!

Thanks! Fur is a sweetheart and a loyal friend. I appreciate her every day. As she gets older, I'm starting to face the reality that she's 'impermanent' and it's scaring me.

I can't recall which part of the world you're from - I'm thinking UK? If you're ever in town, definitely get in touch. Would love to meet you! D&J teach all over the place, they do a lot of travelling. Chances are, your path will cross with theirs eventually.