Friday, October 8, 2010


I had every good intention of doing a led Primary this morning, but that's not how the day unfolded. Instead, I slept in a little bit and took Princess Fur for a long walk in the Big Park, then I ran errands.

As of today, I no longer have broadband access at home. I'm completely reliant on my iPad for absolutely everything. Except for a few websites that require flash, this works really well for me. Over the past month, I've been transitioning my daily routines (mostly scheduling and communications) onto the iPad.

But I've been blogging from the laptop. A month ago, I was bragging about how great the touch keyboard is and it IS great, compared to the one on my iPod Touch. But I never really adjusted to it completely and found it frustrating. I didn't feel at ease writing on that keyboard for long stretches.

Today, I bought a Blue Tooth keyboard and I'm *kicking* myself for not doing it sooner! If you're blogging on an iPad or an iPhone, do yourself a favour and buy a keyboard. It's incredibly functional and SO much easier.

(End of 'Geek Rant')

Practice didn't happen until the evening. I did a half hour of easy Hatha, mostly revolving around hip and shoulder openers. It was a relief to get on the mat - my whole body felt cramped.

Three days without Astanga and I'm falling apart at the seams, not only physically, but mentally as well. I've been a bit glum. Is there a 12-step programme for this? ;-)

I think I'm going to be a 'Rogue Ashtangi' tomorrow and do a led Primary in the morning. I've had quite enough rest and I'm keen to get back into some kind of routine. It will be good for me!

This week's Princess Fur Photo:

Princess Fur is NOT a fan of preppy.

Even if it IS a genuine Polo Ralph Lauren.

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