Sunday, October 24, 2010


My day: 1 90 minute Primary Series practice in the early morning, 2 workshops during the day (that included a led half-Primary), a fabulous but ill-timed Indian buffet, and a salt bath.

I'm so tired, I can hardly see straight. My brain is full of thoughts about the weekend, but I'll need time to process them.

To sum up: This weekend was precisely what I needed to move forward with my practice. My many questions were answered.

I'm finally clear on the stuff that D & J taught me in the summer. I've been trying to apply these concepts to my practice, but I really had no idea why they were important, except that D told me they were! I was taking it on faith! This deeper understanding will make it easier for me to apply this stuff throughout my practice.

You've all watched me struggle with my longer practice. Now that I've adjusted to it, I feel a bit silly about the whole thing, but it's still difficult. D & J shared some thoughts about why the backbends are important as an addition to the Primary Series. I also got a detailed rundown on nearly all of my Intermediate poses in the workshop this afternoon AND J gave me a little bit of help in Pasasana that I think will be key for me moving forward.

So I finally *get it*. And I'm happy with my practice.

More tomorrow.

I feel like I've been run over by a truck.

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Helen said...

That's great kai, sounds like you got exactly what you needed. Look forward to hearing more.

Claudia said...

Oh the lovely truck!, yes, I want some of that too... sounds so good, expectantly listening here!!!

Anonymous said...

Haha hey Kai-as-roadkill, tell us the secrets! :)

shaktigirl said...

Going to their WS this weekend. Can't wait to read what you have to say on them...

Kaivalya said...

Thanks, everybody!

I decided not to publish an 'notes' because I'm still figuring out exactly what I learned, if that makes any sense!

Oh, you're in for a treat! I really enjoyed the workshops and they're lovely teachers. Have a great time :-)