Saturday, October 9, 2010


Ahhhh! *deepsighofrelief*

It was SO nice to get back on the mat this morning. Even as my body was resisting the effort, I was basking in it. All it takes is a few days of NOT practising and I’m far more appreciative of the quality that daily practice brings to my life. The after-effects of my practice coloured my entire day. I floated around, full of happy!

I had a great practice with a few fun surprises. Usually in a led, I don’t get around to binding to wrist in Marichyasana D, I just grab fingers (there’s just not enough time to wiggle into it). Somehow, I managed to find the wrist bind today, even though I came into the pose very casually. I still remember when this started happening in Marichyasana C - it’s a very good sign that the pose is deepening!

Supta Kurmasana was an easy bind as well and I think I know why. I’ve been doing loads of shoulder openers lately, particularly with the awesome Erich Schiffman shoulder sequence. Over the summer, I bought a digital download of a basic sequence that included shoulders and it was worth every penny! I’m thinking of getting his backbending video as well.

Since I was doing Primary today, I spent the rest of the day reminding myself that it’s NOT Friday! Even now, I’m still in ‘Friday Mode.’ I’ll have a rude awakening tomorrow when I step on the mat for my full practice and it feels like a Saturday!

Good thing this is a holiday weekend (Canadian Thanksgiving) and I have the day off on Monday! (and I *really* have the day off, no classes!).

I was thinking ahead last week and took the State-of-the-Backbend photo on Tuesday.

Not bad, though it felt a lot deeper than it looks. I was having an exceptionally good backbending day. Everything felt really open.

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