Sunday, October 3, 2010


The Spiritual Posse got kettle corn this morning, a little break from the healthy stuff I usually offer them. ;-)

I’m still meditating, mostly on days that I do a full Astanga practice so that’s about six days a week. I’ve worked meditation into my pre-yoga routine: 10 minutes before I step on the mat. I feel much more focused when I meditate before practice and my breathing is more consistent. Less futzing too! I really do notice a difference.

I had a good practice, but weird! I couldn’t get the wrist bind on the right side of Marichyasana D and the Supta Kurmasana bind is GONE. I couldn’t believe it! I tried again and again before I finally accepted that it wasn’t going to happen. I haven’t lost this bind in months.

I guess I need to eat less kettle corn (hee, hee!). And cookies. And muffins. *ahem* I’ve been trying to cut back on sugar, but this weekend was really epic.

Ironically, the bind in Pasasana was just fine! Oh, Astanga! You confound me!

Backbending was really intense today. I’ve added the shoulder and hip openers back in as a preparation for Urdhva Dhanurasana. They make an huge difference. I did the pose 6 times, walking my hands in to deepen it. It feels awful. Today, I was trying to pinpoint exactly why, but I couldn’t decide. Mainly, I struggle to breath deeply. I wonder if I’ll ever feel like I can breath deeply in a backbend?

There’s been a HUGE shift in my dropbacks lately. They’re starting to feel effortless! While teaching a youth class last week, I spontaneously dropped back (cold!) and it felt natural and easy. I don’t have to gather up my courage to do it anymore and dropping back feels really good. Fun, even! I always drop back to the futon before standing up and today I noticed that instead of ‘dropping’, I’m actually arching all the way back and gently placing my hands on the futon. My back is opening up! I’m definitely feeling a shift!

I’m still ‘standing up’ from the futon, but I’m gradually getting more ‘hits’ than ‘misses’; it’s becoming more consistent. While reviewing the video clips I shot last week, I observed that I’m mainly moving ‘forward’. I think I need to also move in an ‘upward’ direction, lifting up from the mid-torso. I’m now visualizing the ‘up’ as I work on these stand-ups.

Here’s a screen capture from the infamous ‘standing up’ video:

Holy Flailing Arms, Batman! I look like I’m drowning!!

I feel like I should draw in an arrow pointing upward from my belly button!


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