Saturday, October 23, 2010


I'm completely exhausted, both mentally and physically. These workshops are amazing and I'm SO glad I opted to participate in the entire weekend because each workshop has built upon the one previous.

For this reason, I won't be posting any detailed notes until the very end. My brain needs time to digest. *burp*

I will say this: As the concepts I'm learning are repeated and elaborated, they're starting to make more sense to me. Many of the things that Darby taught me this summer in Montreal have come into sharper focus, which is *exactly* what I had hoped for.

And I love the way that Darby shakes us out of the 'comfort zone' in these workshops. He has helped me rethink stuff that I thought I 'knew'. I've spent parts of these workshops in excruciating discomfort and it's been GREAT. And informative. ;-)

This morning's workshop covered the standing poses and the afternoon was spent in forward bends and seated twists (after a yummy lunch at the macrobiotic cafe up the street...eek!).

Tomorrow: Arm balances in the morning, backbending in the afternoon.

There's a huge break between the morning and afternoon workshops and I'm somewhat determined to lunch at my favourite Indian buffet. The question is, do I *really* want to practice backbending with a belly full of Indian food? Even after an hour to digest it? Stay tuned!

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(0v0) said...


glad you're having a great time.

Kaivalya said...

And you know *exactly* which Indian Buffet I'm talking about - it's the same one we went to when you were up for your visit. :-D

Anonymous said...

Save the buffet for the after the workshop!
Great that you are having such a good experience, can't wait to read more about it!

Claudia said...

Cant wait to hear about what happened with the Indian food, did she eat it? was she able to go through Mari D? oh the intensity!

Kaivalya said...


The Indian food was a BAD idea. I may write about it someday, but suffice to say: there were three of us in that room who were pretty green in the gills after lunch.

Also: I can't bind Pasasana worth a damn with a belly full of Indian food. It was