Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Getting to the mat today reminded me of a game of ‘Chutes and Ladders.’ The alarm went off at 7:30. I went back to sleep. Again, at 8 and again, I went back to sleep. I was finally up at 8:30, but I checked email and got sucked into the ‘Internet Vortex’ for awhile. Around 9, I took a salt bath and sat down to meditate. That’s when the locksmith arrived to do some work on my door.


Between Princess Fur’s anxiety: Woof! Roo, roo, roo! (Translation: Strange people! In our home! HIGH ALERT!) and the noise: POUND, POUND, DRILLLLLL! (I already had a headache *owmyhead*), practice wasn’t an option. So I waited it out and ate a BIG breakfast. By noon, I was still feeling miserable, but at least it was quiet and I had some privacy again. Princess Fur was napping.

It was one of those days when I seriously didn’t think I would get through my entire practice. I was almost certain I would stop at some point and give up. My belly was full of breakfast. My head was pounding. The whole practice just seemed so LONG and difficult.

When I feel this way, I don’t think about the whole thing. I approach it in bite-sized parts:

First, I decided to just get through the Sun Salutations. Done!
Then I tackled the Fundamental Standing Poses. Okay.
Then I decided to get as far as the Janus....and so on.

I didn’t make a decision about my Intermediate poses until Setu Bandhasana and then I was all “Oh, what the hell...I’ll do them!” (It’s only 8 poses, after all...). Once I got through the Intermediate backbends, Urdhva Dhanurasana and the dropbacks seemed like recreation (right now, dropbacks are my favourite part of practice, closely followed by trying to stand up from the futon *armflail*).

I wasn’t expecting a great practice today, particularly given the HUGE bowl of cereal I ate right before I stepped on the mat. I didn’t think I would be binding *anything*. Well, SURPRISE!!! I was binding *everything*. The wrist bind on the first side of Mari D is back and I was able to bind Supta Kurmasana. I guess I can’t blame my Buddha Belly (I still have it).

Dropbacks are getting better and better. No futzing necessary! I just drop back. The feet *drumrollplease* are now back on my Manduka, though woefully splayed out. Alignment! I know! I’m working on it...

My first attempted stand-up from the futon was fabulous! The second, I didn’t even get a rock in before I catapaulted wildly forward and landed on my knees. OUCH! How did THAT happen?!

It was too much for my silly brain. I tried two more times, but I couldn’t get over the new Fear. This time, it’s a Knee-bashing Fear. At least I’m coming up every time! That’s a new development.

Something is happening in my back. An opening? Nitara, my infamous ‘gremlin’ has moved into my left mid-back and she’s manifesting as muscle spasms. Side bends quiet her down. In the meantime, my backbends are getting deeper...

Behind-the-scenes footage. While I work hard trying to stand up up from the futon, Princess Fur naps:

(in my next incarnation, I want to come back as Princess Fur!)


Skippetty said...

How Teacher P at TY in London helped me get my standing up from backbends back: I was standing up then falling straight to my knees too, and she pointed out that's coz I wasn't grounding through my legs and using my thighs enough.

That helped me. As you're rocking back and forth to find that momentum to haul yourself up, use the inhale to propel you forward and at the same time ground down strongly through both legs all the way up to the thighs. Thinking "navel up to the sky" helps me shift my weight forward to.

And your head is the last to come up.

Oops. Hope that's not too much information. My original point was really to ground strongly through the legs. You're doing well though! :)

Claudia said...

Princess fur has it easy!, you are working really hard on this! you seem very strong hope you post video soon! or not, I know today you are in resting mode... :-)

(0v0) said...

Oh, Nitara has a name? Adorable, even if she is a gremlin. :-)

Kaivalya said...

Thanks for all the tips! I'll try to apply them to my standing-up project!

You have NO idea! I'm thinking of creating a special blog feature called "Princess Fur Sleeps While Kai Practises". It would involve many photos of me sweating and toiling on a yoga mat while Fur snores peacefully in the background. ;-)

I may post a video soon. When I get around to cleaning my desk ;-)

Oh, you'll like this!! Nitara means 'deeply rooted within'. Layers upon layers of meaning...

(0v0) said...

Oh, that is good...