Thursday, October 14, 2010


As soon as I woke this morning I knew I would need to cancel my day classes. I went back to sleep, bringing my grand sleep total to 14 hours. But I got up feeling like I hadn't slept at all.

I've heard horror stories about this stomach bug and I know I'm probably getting the 'lite' version of it. I haven't been violently ill, just run down and very uncomfortable. It's been about two days and I'm nearly over it.

Practice this morning was Primary once again, with lots of breaks. I skipped vinyasa between sides and didn't spend very much time at all in backbends. I practically melted into the finishing poses and Sirsasana felt incredibly, blissfully comforting.

My decision making process for practisting when I'm feeling unwell goes something like this:
- Do I have a temperature?
- Am I feeling dizzy or short of breath?
- Am I in pain, or could practice be physically damaging?

If the answer is 'No' to all of these, I do my practice.

But I *do* take it easy. The Primary Series of Astanga yoga is therapeutic and I find that it's very healing. I felt better after my practice today than I did before I started.

I rested for a few hours in the afternoon, then went on to teach three classes in the evening. I doubt I could have done that if I hadn't gotten on the mat myself.

All the same, I hope I'm feeling better by tomorrow morning because I'm *really* tired of feeling this way. I'm grateful that I don't often get sick!

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Grimmly said...

Sorry your sick, I had some version of that bug a couple of weeks ago, horrible, followed it with a cold too. Tried to practice a few times, seemed OK with sweating the cold out but laid off practice with the stomach bug so as no to lose any more fluids than I already was. hope it passes quickly.

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Kaivalya said...

I haven't been too outwardly sick with this bug, mostly in a bit of pain as it has moved through my system. But I didn't turn on the heater for my practice and slowed down my vinyasas, in part to minimize sweating. I've been making a good effort to stay hydrated. I hope this isn't followed up by a cold! The stomach part of it was bad enough!

Boodiba said...

Oh wow! Sorry you are sick. No cold for you I predict!!!

I'm going to work on a self practice that doesn't stress my left arm tweak in any way tomorrow. I might film a little of it to see where I am. If there's anything worth posting I'll put it up. I'm up to 238 subscribers and I never post anymore!!

As a side note, I saw my burlesque dancer friend last night. She makes pasties and sells them. I'm going to have her make some OM ones for me!

Anonymous said...

Hello Kaivalya,
I have been reading you blog for a while now, although this is the first time I am commenting. I really enjoy your honest and inspiring thoughts on the practice. It takes a lot of courage and honest self reflection to write like this everyday.

I'm sorry you are sick. If this is helpful at all, I have received advice from 2 of my teachers, David Williams and PJ Heffernan, about whether to practice when you are feeling unwell. I've been following their advice since. Here's what they say:

David Williams: You SHOULD definitely practise when you are sick. Your body needs the prana to flow to help you recover faster. Just do whatever you can (maybe even just surya A and/or B), and then quickly cover yourself in blankets and lie down for a long savasana. (Isn't this nice? :-))

PJ Heffernan: The only time you should not practise is when you are suffering from uncontrollable diarrhea. In all other times, practise to the best of your abaility. He didn't explain further, but I guess it's because if you practise when you have diarrhea, you risk dehydration (not to mention the mess you might make if you lose control of mula bandha :-)).

Hope this helps. I follow this advice, and it has worked well for me so far.


Ragdoll said...

Clearly there's a virus in the cyber shala! I'm definitely not as poorly as you, but it's good to read other's take on practicing when you're not in the best of health.

Get well soon, Kaivalya.

PS - Nobel, I promise I'm not stalking you around the blogs!