Thursday, October 7, 2010


Wheeee! Look at me, having a holiday from Astanga! *yawn*

Yesterday, it occurred to me that with the timing of this LH, four days will have passed before I’m back on the mat doing my full practice again.

Last night, my body felt all weird and twitchy without yoga, but I know this is temporary. The feeling will soon fade, replaced by an urge to sleep in and sip tea in bed in the morning, while reading a good book. In other words, I’m getting a bit too comfy-cozy with this new routine (the ‘sleeping in’ part of it, at least) and the upcoming 6-day week is going to be a challenge (particularly, the ‘getting up’ part of it).

Also: I’m miserable and this sucks.

I know, I know! I’m supposed to be Revelling in the Sacred Power of My Womanhood, but I don’t enjoy this. In the metaphorical Red Tent, I’m the one everyone wants to kick out because I’m bitchy and won’t stop broadcasting my misery. I don’t enjoy feeling like a stranger in my own body and I don’t like being forced into inactivity through sheer necessity. And it’s not lost on me that the two most uncomfortable days of my month neatly coincided with the two busiest teaching days of my week.

So I’m taking deep, cleansing breaths, resting when I can and just trying to get through it.

I did a some restorative yoga in an effort to balance out the turbulence. That was nice, but everything feels just a bit Twilight-Zoney and up-in-the-air without the steady routine of morning practice to ground me. Makes me appreciate the ‘anchor’ that Astanga usually provides in my life.

I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to do a modified led Primary tomorrow. Until then, I’ll put on my ‘happy face’ and carry on...



Michelle said...

Have no fear, only another 10 or so years left! Just kidding. Hope you feel better.

Christine said...

the "getting up part" of the daily practice is always the hardest part for me too...and I'm still not sure where the "holiday" part of Lady's comes in :)

Hang in there!