Friday, October 29, 2010


I survived another six-day week! This week was the 'early morning edition' with most of my practices starting around 6:30 a.m.

Yesterday was the earliest: I was on the mat before and finished before 7. This morning was the latest: On the mat at the decadent hour of 10 because I slept in.

I love the early practices. Even though this new routine has decimated my meditation practice (I still haven't found a way to work mediation back in, it's now very sporadic...), I'm finding that my asana practice is so much easier in the early morning. This morning, I felt sluggish and weird practising late. I'm definitely a morning girl!

I had big ambitions to a do a Primary with full vinyasa this morning, but when I woke, I realised that I could: a) lounge around in bed and drink tea, then do an easy led Primary, or b) kick my own ass for two hours like I've been doing all week then race off to teach a class afterward.


I opted for sloth! Sloth is awesome! (sometimes). So: led primary (with Sharath's CD) with a long rest afterward. Wow, Sirsasana feels *short* when I'm not holding it for 3 minutes!

Princess Fur is looking forward to a lazy weekend of long walks and maybe, just maybe, someone will be around to play with her. Prettyplease?!!

Me? I just want to sit around and eat vegan cookies. And NAP!

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Claudia said...

Princess Fur seems to be enjoying chewing on that doll... You keep saying you survived this 6 day week and that 6 practices week but you have been doing it a while now!, not sure you can play that card any more, I am afraid you are totally in now!!! :-)