Friday, December 4, 2009


My body was sore and stiff this morning, plus my lower back was cranky. I started my practice with the intention of doing half-Primary but ended up just moving through the sun salutations and standing poses then moving right into Savasana. CONK!

That's all I had in me (and, as it turns out, all I had time for). It was an unremarkable practice, one of those that I'm just happy to have behind me...moving on!

Today has been dull, but insanely productive. My small victories include cleaning the bathroom and scrubbing the floors, teaching one class, spending too much money at the grocery store, then discovering that that a cheque from a client *bounced* (Boing! Boing! Thanks for the warning, people! Boo!) It's a good thing I put extra money in that account, but Christmas is now looking a tad grim. I hope I get they pay up soonish.

In terms of my schedule, the Yoga Gods are being SO good to me: I'm adding a private this month which may carry into the New Year and all of my current classes are schedule to continue into January.

And update on the Princess:
Princess Fur is doing very well! She's almost completely recovered from her little encounter with the dental scaler and her gums are healing nicely from the extractions. Last night, she asked to come up on the futon while I was reading and then slept next to my leg for the better part of the night (She always jumps down after a while; I can only guess that I snore, fart or kick in my sleep - or maybe all three!)

Anyway, I think she's finally forgiven me!

Project Doggie Dental 2010 has already started in earnest: I'm brushing her teeth both in the a.m. and p.m., daily. I'll start bi-weekly treatments with the tartar control gel next week once her gums have healed up.

I'm also adding vitamin C to her food. I smoosh up the tablets with a spoon to create a white powder and add half of it to her supper. Anyone who saw it in my kitchen might raise an eyebrow, but believe me, no one's getting high off *this* stuff. The vitamin C is supposed to bring the pH of her urine back into balance. I've also heard rumours that it eliminates brown stains on the beard. That would be nice. I'm curious to see if this works.

My dog is extremely well cared for. As my girlfriend frequently points out, Princess Fur gets a LOT of attention. More attention *ahem* than some of the humans in my life. :-D

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