Sunday, December 13, 2009


I was out late partying last night. Like a true party animal, I filled my glass as soon as I got there - with water. And then I hit the veggie tray.

Everyone stood around and 'oooed' and 'ahhhed' over the healthy yoga teacher. But the truth? I can nosh truffles with the best of them. But I spent the afternoon baking cookies and I was all sugared out. Also, crowds of people in formal clothing exhaust me (and wearing formal clothing *really* exhausts me). I was thoroughly tuckered by midnight so I set off for the subway before I turned into a pumpkin.

Then I slept in this morning. I was so looking forward to an entire, glorious day of me, me, and more me. But unfortunately, I slept through half of it. But I did do the full Primary Series today.

With a few geek-related interruptions. :-D

As I've mentioned before, I often practice with DVDs, but after the first run-through I don't actually watch them. This is one reason I enjoy those 'audio' classes so much. I've been trying to figure out a way to 'MP3' my favourite DVDs.

I wrote to Karen a while ago to get some tips and she nudged me in the right direction, but I didn't have time to follow up. I was most of the way through my sun salutations when I decided that now was the perfect time to get started with a new project: turning Beryl's Power Yoga DVD into something I could carry around on my iPod Shuffle.

During the first part of my practice today, I alternated between computer and mat, downloading, installing, converting and exporting. By the time I was ready for Marichyasana A, I rejoined Beryl, via MP3. Success! And who says that geekdom and yoga greatness are mutally exclusive things?

Props to Karen for the assistance (Once again, the CyberShala has come through). I'm now getting all geeky and excited about converting several of my favourite DVDs onto MP3. This is fun!

Oh yes, and I had a good yoga practice. My hip is still crampy but maybe a *tiny* bit better. Interestingly, my flexibility hasn't been impacted at all by the crampiness. If anything, I'm *more* flexible in the left hip. It's so werid!

Predicatably, my quads and shins are sore from my heroic run to class yesterday. In a good way. This makes me miss running (which I can no longer do because of my crunchy knees).

I skipped Janu Sirsasana C and Setu Bandhasanad. Sirsasana is back to being strong and stable again after a period of flakiness.

Now, on to my regular Sunday feature, The Internet Asks...

These are actual Internet search terms that brought people to this site over the past week. I pick three of the most interesting ones to share, in hopes of being helpful or, failing that, entertaining.

reluctance to practice yoga
Raise your hand if this has happened to you! *entire CyberShala raises hands*

Okay, here's the thing: After that first flush of OMG-this-is-awesome fades away, Yoga is hard. Reluctance is bound to come up as you face your daily practice, particularly a home practice. Here's my advice: commit to five minutes on the mat. That's a few sun salutations, no big deal. At that point, if you're *still* reluctant, you can bail, but I'm betting you won't.

yoga chickie ashtanga DVD
She doesn't have one, as far as a I know. And (I know I'm really going out on a limb here)I don't think one is in the works. ;-)

tightness diaphragm supta kurmasana
Wow! You're very attentive to that pose! To be completely honest, I'm so busy trying to bind my fingers together and get my legs crossed behind my head in Supta K, it's never occurrs to me to think about what my diaphragm is doing. And yes, I *am* breathing as I'm doing all of that.

Incredibly, I'm the very first site that pops up for that last search string. Emboldened by this success, I was hopeful that I would come in first place for i can't bind in supta kurmasana, but I don't even rate. Yoga Chickie has that one in the bag!

Maybe next time...


Anonymous said...

Long time lurker delurking with a geek-related question: what program did you use for the DVD to MP3 conversion?

Thanks! Love your blog and continually inspired by your commitment

Karen said...

I wanna know too. I'm a pc and my hubby is a mac. he can do it, but takes FOREVER!

Kaivalya said...

@Karen and 'lurker' :-)

Here's the scoop on turning DVDs into MP3s. I'm a Mac girl, so this is all on Mac - but it may work on PC as well.

First, convert the DVD into a MPEG-4 format:
I use MediaFork because it's simple and free, but any converter will do. It takes a while to rip, so be patient!

Next, convert the MPEG-4 file into MP3:
Audacity works great for this (it's available free on the Internet).

You'll need the LAME MP3 Encoder to do the job. First, install Audacity, then install the LAME encoder (Do a standard install with the defaults, once it's in your Mac lib, Audacity will find it on its own).

The final step: Launch Audacity, open the MPEG-4 file you just ripped, choose 'export' from the file menu. Select the location to export to (Audacity will also ask you to complete the Metatag info, artist, title, etc.) and wait for the file conversion. It takes about 20 minutes for a 60 minute MPEG-4.

When it's complete, move the MP3 to your iTunes!

And that's it, in a nutshell!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Will try today.
Lurker :)