Thursday, December 17, 2009


Yes, of course, it's Sting. And here I thought I was being all clever and mysterious!

Seriously! *I* wouldn't have known that was Sting if somebody didn't point it out. But then, I live in a pop culture vacuum. You see? This is what I get for not watching television or reading Perez Hilton. ;-D

In the comments on that post, Claudia was all heartbroken because she didn't get to see Sting in a loincloth. Since we're a full-service weblog here at the Reluctant Ashtangi, here is Sting-in-a-loincloth, embedded for your viewing pleasure:

I'm wondering if that's *really* a loincloth though. It looks more like extra fancy tidy-whities to me. Anyways, this clip was shot in 1993 and every single pose in it is a 'rock star pose' Sting's looking good! Believe me, none of you want to see me doing Astanga in *my* underwear.

The Gregor Maehle Intermediate Series book finally made it to Canada. Last night, I was snug and warm in my tiny apartment, hunkered down with a good book and a cup of hot tea when I realised that The Book was in the stores. So, of course, I packed up and headed out into the cold, to my local bookstore.

In Canada, Maehle's book is SO new, it wasn't even out on the floor yet (I had to ask an employee find it in the store room). I feel like the last 'Ashtangi in the Ashtangaverse' to read this thing. I'm only a few pages in, but so far, it's good. I like Maehle for his clarity. He takes complex topics and makes them succinct. This is a value-added when the topic is Yoga Philosophy.

I guess I was serious when I said that I could do that Power Vinyasa Flow #3 all week. Today, I was pressed for time in the morning, so I tried the 20 minute version of this class. It's just as awesome as the 30 minute version because they left all the fun stuff in there. The 20 minute version is free, so you can download and try it if you like. Just be sure to download the PDF as a visual guide because some of the poses are obscure.


Michelle said...

Hey, the picture didn't load!

Kaivalya said...

You mean the embedded YouTube video? I can see it when I load the page in Firefox. You can't see it?

I wonder if something is going on with Blogger because Arturo thought that the comments were closed on another post and they're not - I checked that too!

lew said...

I can see the video OK. And sshhhh - you had Sting as a label for that last post!

Hope you don't mind, I'm borrowing your state-of-the -backbend idea. Just took a photo the other day, but won't take another until March or so. I tihnk progress will be pretty slow, maybe even 3 months will be too short!

How old is your dog? Mine would barely sit still for the santa hat....

Anonymous said...

I saw Sting in 1993 when he opened for the Dead in RFK down in DC. He was hot. And I was something insane like 3rd row and I swear he was singing to me.

I just read your post below about your volunteering - you made me smile. With all the good that you're putting out there, it'll all come back to you this season

Anonymous said...

You are not the last ashtangi to read the Maehle book ! I am still waiting for mine from Amazon. Everything is a few months behind the rest of the world in Australia. Can't wait to get my hands on it and read about the LBH stuff.

Cheers, Floss

Claudia said...

Thank you reluctant ashtangi! for posting the video, you are indeed a full service blog And now that I see itI have the same doubts you do, is it? maybe it is a versaci version of the thing...

Enjoy the book!