Monday, December 28, 2009


Aw, it’s finally snowing a bit! I’m curled up by the window with a cup of hot tea, keeping warm and watching the weather. :-)

I taught a class today, which was good for keeping my spirits up and also for getting me out of bed and back into my routine (I really need to stop sleeping in all the time, but it’s so much FUN!).

I practised in the morning, the same Iyengar restorative sequence I did yesterday. I actually raced to the mat as soon as the bed was made and the dog was fed. My nerves were so badly frayed last night, I was near tears. The yoga was instant relief. I felt wrung out afterward, but balanced and calm.

This morning, practice helped clear my head. I made a few important decisions, setting boundaries on my time and emotional energy over the next week (and beyond). I have a lot to do and I also need to set aside some time to rest before the Big Busy hits next week.

All I really want is a few hours here and there to sit and quietly read a book. I’ve penciled that into my calendar.


alfia said...

"I’ve penciled that into my calendar" - you are so wise, Kai! I think I will do the same. Sit and quietly read a book, sounds like heaven...

Kaivalya said...

Funny thing is, it worked! I really did spend some quality time reading. My goal every year is to read 52 books and I finished my last one just under the wire on New Year's Eve!