Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Tonight was the Big Festive Holiday Supper for the soup kitchen programme I volunteer with. We fed upwards of 650 guests and gave out small gifts too. It was hectic, but very fun. I wore a festive ribbon on my apron, with a garnish of holly, red turtleneck and a little silver jingle bell. I was holiday themed!

I only volunteer on Wednesday nights when my schedule slows, but the crew of Wednesday regulars totally remembered me and I was touched by the enthusiastic greeting I received from my fellow volunteers.

I'll be at the soup kitchen for almost all the meals over the next few weeks, including the Wednesday supper and the Thursday morning breakfast in addition to my regular Fridays. This is something I do every year when my schedule slows down and I really enjoy it. It keeps me busy.

I honoured the Moon Day today and didn't do an Astanga practice. Instead, I tried a YogaDownload class, Power Vinyasa Flow #3, 30 minutes, with Jackie.

Goodness, I enjoyed this! This particular class is brand new to me, but it was SO good (Jackie is really growing on me). The sequence was snappy, fun and challenging. It made me want to drop everything else for the next week and just work on mastering these transitions (lots of balancing).

Happily, I've only done the 30 minute version so far, so I can look forward to trying the 20, 45 and 60 minute versions of this one.

I was impressed with the preparatory variation for Vasisthasana - I'll be using that for my own classes. I also loved moving from a bound squat into Bird of Paradise, Svarga Dvidasana. Svarga certainly isn't my 'rock star pose' - I can't straighten my lifted leg completely. But it's fun!

And it appears the REAL rock stars can't straighten their legs in the pose either, so I don't feel *too* bad about it.


Anyone want to take a guess? I found this on the Internet.

Behold those deltoids!


Skippetty said...

Hmm... is it the same rockstar in his loincloth here? ;p

Kaivalya said...

Could be! ;-)

Claudia said...

ohhh the link to the youtube video gives me a "deformed link" thing back... and I wanted to see the loincloth :-)

Michelle said...

Guess the rock star you mean? Of course it is Sting.

Arturo said...

hi Sweetie, i see comments are closed in the next post. too hot for comments? ha! i feel this is the time for reruns in the blogosphere. Armani had posted that, i think in his blog last year. i think it was probably a time he was touring and he just stripped to practice.

word verif: rinced

as in rince, repeat. :^)