Sunday, December 20, 2009


I don't know why I thought I would be *less* busy in December. Last night, I attended yet another holiday party. It's never a problem for me to pass on the booze, but I do love cookies. And today, my life is swirling in a frenzied whirl as I prepare a holiday supper for family.

This is the last of it though. Solstice is tomorrow - that's when we exchange gifts. Then things will quiet down. I actually enjoy Christmas because there's no pressure to do anything - and the only thing there is to do is ice skate and go to movies.

Earlier today, I carved out an hour for myself and did the 45 minute version of Power Yoga #5 with Jamie. This one was very similar to the 30 minute, with additional poses during the vinyasa (including tripod headstand, which I'm starting to love) some ab work (including boat pose, which I'm starting to hate) and an opening warm-up section.

I enjoyed it. By the time it finished, I didn't jump when the phone rang.

Okay, each week, I search through my access stats for the most interesting search terms that lead people to this website. This week, The Internet Asked:

“fruit sweetened“+yogurt-covered+almonds
My response: OMG, I LOVE these things! I don't know how you ended up here, gentle searcher, but I share your obsession! The fruit sweetened yoghurt covered raisins are also awesome. I don't like the kind with the white covering - the dark beige covering is the best. It has a vaguely vanilla flavour. YUM!

can't bind marichyasana c
A common problem this time of year. Not that I ever have problems like that *cough, darkchocolatecoveredcarmels, cough*

sasangasana chakra
Sasangasana is 'rabbit pose'. Chakra is an energy centre, located along the spine. Rabbits do not have Chakras. At least, as far as I know...


Emma said...

woah. how do you look at access stats? sounds both strange and enlightening

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't rabbits have chakras?! Do you really think animals are chakra-less? I've never thought about it before and I can't say I'm an expert, but I can't imagine why they wouldn't have chakra's too.

Claudia said...

I love the internet search terms... very interesting

Kaivalya said...

I use Google Analytics. It's actually pretty easy to use. My favourite features are the site referrers (who is linking to me) and the keywords (internet searches).

Yay! I was hoping someone would respond to that statement!

I've been thinking about it too and here's one theory:

My background is primarily in Buddhism - from that context, I've read that only the human incarnation can achieve enlightenment (that, in itself, is bound to be controversial).

From what I can piece together, the purpose of the chakras is to facilitate enlightenment by conveying Kundalini energy from the root chakra upwards to the crown chakra).

So, it's possible that animals do not have Chakras because they don't need them.

But here's another thought: if the chakras are related to the subtle/energy body then why does Reiki (energy-based body-work) have such a profound effect on animals?

I would love to hear some other perspectives on this!

Emma said...

thanks ashtangi... it took me a bit to figure out... but i think it got it :)

Anonymous said...

Controversial indeed! :) I love a lot of what Buddhism has to offer, but a couple things keep me from being able to embrace it fully. My understanding is that they don't believe in individual souls. I can't get on board with that. And- well there are other things. But that isn't the point here.

Let's see- well I don't think I've ever understood chakras as simply a facilitation tool for enlightenment. A lot of paths (including some schools of Buddhism with the whole Bodhisattva thing) aren't even trying to achieve enlightenment for themselves in this life time- doesn't make their chakras useless!

I understand chakras to be energy centers in our bodies- it makes perfect sense to me that animals have energy centers too (we are all made up of energy- humans and animals). That would be why Reiki and Acupuncture work on animals. They are energy. They can sense energy better than humans even.

Again, I never really wondered about it before this conversation, but I'm enjoying thinking about it now. I haven't looked anything up or done any research- these are just my musings about it all. :)

A lot of belief systems put animals way down low on the totem pole- but I have this theory along with my mom :) that animals are wonderful examples of the essence of life- elephants for example are such intelligent and emotional creatures without all of the parts of ego that contributes to the suffering in humans- animals simply exist. It doesn't make them "less than" in my opinion.

Anyway- that's kind of going in another direction- maybe I should just shut up and write a post about it on my blog sometime. :)

Otherwise thanks for the stimulating conversation! I look forward to seeing if anyone else shares their ideas!

Kaivalya said...

That's great! Setting it up can be confusing if you've never done it before, but the stats are pretty easy to read once it's running.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. The topic is actually fascinating and I'm now interesting in researching it more thoroughly.

Of course, being an animal lover, I agree with many of the points you made.