Saturday, December 26, 2009


I need to get this out of my system: The words ‘Christmas’ and ‘rain’ do NOT belong in the same sentence. Especially in Canada. Especially when even Texas is having some version of a ‘white Christmas’. I was feeling a touch gloomy as I headed to my noon class, huddled under an umbrella to stay dry.

It’s so ugly out right now and I hate the cold damp. It feels like London, except in London, they have *snow*.

Anyway, now that I’m finished with today’s cat visits, the annual parental Christmas Phone Call (in which my mother and I only barely avoided sniping at each other over health care and Obama) and walking my dog, I’m not planning to leave the building for the rest of the day.

Today, my yoga practice was Power Yoga #2, 30 minutes with Natalie. I didn’t like this one, found it inconsistent. It was supposed to be ‘intermediate-advanced’ level, but the first part felt geared toward beginners while the section in the middle felt more ‘advanced’ than ‘intermediate’. The holds were too long (especially the interminable Downward Facing Dog in the beginning) and the flow was choppy.

As I’ve mentioned before, Natalie is a bit too flakey for my tastes and some of her cues actually made me cringe. I had an easier time with this style in the Chakra Balancing class because I was anticipating it. But in a Power Yoga class, I’m looking for a solid flow that moves along at a good clip with minimal chatter.

Eventually, I swear I’m going to get back to some Astanga. But my Lady’s Holiday arrived shortly after I finished my practice, so I’ll be doing Yin for the next couple days.

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