Wednesday, December 23, 2009


It looks like I'm going to be pulling in some serious cat-related good Karma this week. I just picked up the key for my THIRD cat sitting gig. Amusingly, I'm now cat sitting for the neighbour who lives next door to my next door neighbour (the one who has the two cats). Since both these neighbours live on my floor, I don't need to travel far, unlike the other cat, who lives in a different building entirely...

Are you confused yet? I don't blame you. I am too.

So I created a special 'Cats' category on my Google Calendar just to manage all the departure and arrival times for the various cat owners (in order to avoid my worst nightmare: entering an apartment for a cat visit, only to find my jet-lagged neighbour getting out of the shower...egad!).

Let the purring commence!

The first few days of the week may have indeed been busy, but today absolutely trumped them. By 8 a.m., I was already up, baking cookies. On the way to my noon class, I had stop by the mall (oh, KILL ME NOW!) and even worse, the Apple Store (ARGH!!!). After class, I made the mad dash home for a very quick lunch before heading back out for two more classes.

From there, I went straight to the soup kitchen where I was not needed in the slightest; We had a GLUT of volunteers. I ended up standing around, gossiping, eating french fries and watching the newbie volunteers collide into one another in the narrow aisles between tables. I finally left because there was nothing to do (I'll be back there early tomorrow anyway).

When I finally got home, I was tense and tired and cranky, so I made some time for Restorative Yoga: Hot aromatherapy bath, 20 minutes of restorative backbending over props, and another 10 minutes on the massage balls (for my shoulders).

I'm all blissed out now.

The next few days will be so nice. I don't *need* to go anywhere. I'll be volunteering at the soup kitchen, but that's more joy than it is work. I teach one class on Boxing Day. But otherwise, it's all sloth. I have a pile of trash fiction from the library, some good books on my Kindle and some groovy new Christmas music to listen to.

And when I was at the library today, I picked up Rainbeau Mars' DVD 'Yoga for Beauty'. There are two different classes offered: Dawn and Dusk. I'm looking forward to my first Rainbeau experience and becoming VERY beautiful, since the DVD promises to “Improve circulation for an all-over glow!”, “Boost energy and vitality” and “Eliminate impurities for radiant skin!”.



susananda said...

Wow you HAVE been busy. I hear you on the mall 'kill me now' factor, lol. Bit disappointed I never made it into the city even once, but I'm sure we'll meet another time at a less hectic time of year.

Merry Christmas to you and the gf! And the kitties :^)

Arturo said...

hi Kai
happy holidays and a great 2010!