Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Cruising around the Interwebz today, I noticed something disturbing. Snow. Everywhere but here. Seriously, this is Canada! Where's our snow? I want some white stuff and pronto!

I still haven't put up the tree, but I might feel more inspired if it looked a bit more like December.

I'm glad I did my yoga practice early today because it's certainly not going to happen tonight. I can barely lift my right arm. I figured two weeks was long enough to wait after getting the dreaded H1N1 shot. I went to my doctor's office this afternoon to get the regular flu shot, something I do every year.

The first surprise: The office was empty! I guess no one is sick this year. Seriously, you could hear echos bouncing off the walls. The nurse brought me into the Needle Room mere minutes after I walked in. I got the shot and I was out of there in under 20 minutes - and that's with the 15 minute wait afterward.

Second surprise: My arm hurts. No, it really HURTS! I asked to be injected in my right deltoid this time around, just to give my left Deltie a break. I can't believe how much my arm is aching! I don't remember this amount of discomfort last year or ever.

But it's better than getting the flu!

I'm feeling a lack of enthusiasm about my practice lately and even Beryls DVD isn't helping. So I'm mixing it up a bit and going back to the YogaDownload classes. Today, I tried Power Yoga #4, 35 minutes with Dawnelle.

I'm a great fan of Dawnelle, but I hated this class. There was nothing 'power' about it. There was no flow, no warm up. The holds were waaaaaaay too long and they were inconsistent between sides. This was not a vinyasa class at all - it was more of a Hatha style.

And it was unbearably flakey. I didn't think Dawnelle did flakey much, but I guess she does. I'll never practice with that class again - it was a waste of time.

On the bright side, there was some Vasisthasana in the sequence and I discovered quite by accident that this pose is suddenly do-able for me. I even grabbed my big toe and extended my leg upward. This is a first! Despite my sloth, I'm getting stronger! Who knew?

Coming up tomorrow: I'm going to post my thoughts on the Mobile Meditator inflatable zafu I've been using for the past month.


Anonymous said...

Ha! I'm in NYC and I'm sure it's going to snow here soon. You can have it!

Full vasisthasana is my new favorite thing. It feels so open and graceful.

Sometimes I think when we rest our muscles - not that you have been sloth-like - it makes them stronger.

Michelle said...

I can't believe you got another flu shot after the discomfort you had with the last one. Brave woman. Second, I have been finding more joy in my practice these days when I do a shorter version. I have only been doing 25 minutes every day this week and it has been really good. I still practice every day, as you suggested but it isn't so daunting as trying to fit in a 75 minute practice when I don't feel like it or there are other things going on. Third, you are wanting snow? That is more my thing. I thought you hated winter and cold and snow.

Kaivalya said...

I agree! I have a feeling I 'try too hard' with some of these poses. Everything seems to unfold on its own schedule.

Send your NYC snow up to us! It's better than Candadian Slush! :-)

Re: The flu shot...I have an underlying condition that makes me vulnerable to serious respiratory illness. I've been getting the regular flu shot for years. The discomfort will pass, but the flu (H1N1 or otherwise) is the last thing I need!

I'm totally with you on the shorter practices! We all have enough pressure in our lives without high expectations from our yoga practices! If 5 minutes is all you can do, then 5 minutes if fine!

I'm applying this same wisdom to my meditation practice. I've found it overwhelming lately, so I'm scaling back to 10 minutes per session. It feels so much better!

As for wanting snow: You have my permission to remind me that I said this in February. I'm sure I'll be horrified! ;-)