Sunday, December 27, 2009


I spent a good part of the day laying around and watching documentaries on that BIG television. Good fun, but I’m a bit burned out on it now.

Still, the ‘Planet Earth’ series was stunning. The episode on ‘Shallow Waters’ was my favourite because of the reefs, marine mammals (baby whale!) and colourful and swirling schools of fish. I’m adding ‘Scuba diving on Indonesian reefs’ to my life list. What’s left of them, anyway. The documentarians were careful not to be too depressing, but there was a sobering undertone of ‘our disappearing wild spaces’ and shadows of climate change.

I’m feeling off-kilter and uncomfortable right now, due to my monthly cycle. I didn’t find my way to the yoga mat until after supper.

I did the I did the restorative sequence found in Chapter 12 of Bobby Clennell’s book. I’ve only skimmed this book, but I tried this sequence in November and was astounded by how much better I felt afterward - not just physically, but emotionally.

Once again, it was magic! My nerves were feeling jagged and the practice smoothed out my rough edges. I feel so much better. I’m going to meditate now, and try to get some sleep.

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