Monday, December 7, 2009


I decided to start the week off right with an overabundance of sleep. I slept in until 8 (late for me!) and then scrambled around trying to get my morning stuff completed before I left for my noon class.

I didn't do my practice until the afternoon. My left hip has been really bothering me lately - not an injury really. It's more like a constant cramping sensation, the kind you get if you've been sitting in one place for too long. Except, I can feel it when I'm walking around and it's *yucky*.


So I did a Hatha practice of hip openers and spent a lot of time in Eka Pada Raj Kapotanasana (Pigeon Pose) today. My hip felt better afterward, but now it feels crampy again. Might be Astanga growing pains...?

I'm going to take my crampy hip to ice hockey tonight and see if that snaps it out of its funk! A few body checks will do it some good (just *kidding* - my league is non-contact, or it's *supposed* to be!).

Today was busy, busy, busy again. I spent the afternoon catching up on all the stuff I wasn't able to get to over the weekend, because I was busy.

It's a shame because it was such a pleasant, quasi-snowy, drowsy day. I would have loved to just sit by the window and read a good book. Maybe tomorrow?


Flo said...

Hope that crampy hip gets in gear. Hope hockey went well too!
My left side is where I have sciatica so I can relate to the annoyance it creates.

Kaivalya said...

Thanks! The hip is getting a bit worse and I have no idea what the deal is. It almost feels like nerve pain. I'm stretching and doing hip openers. I'm hoping a couple days of Yin will help!