Friday, December 25, 2009


I didn't feel like doing a long yoga practice today but I wanted to stretch my hips (which were getting stiff from all the sloth, booze and cookies). I decided to try Yoga for Cyclists #1, 12 minutes with Dawnelle.

It’s a fabulous little flow sequence, completely focused on hips and hamstrings. If you ignore the cycling references (including a cue to ‘get off your bike and find a spot on the asphalt or grass’ lol) it’s great as a quick and thorough hip opening class for days when you don’t really feel like doing a lot of yoga, which I didn’t.

Santa Claus was apparently unimpressed that my MacBook was still running Tiger (“Ho, ho, ho, that’s *so* 2005!”) because he put aside the coal this year and brought me Snow Leopard (the latest Mac OS) and iLife 2009. I'm easing into 2010 in style!

I tackled the upgrade during lunch, thinking it would take a while. Keep in mind, I was a Windoze IT Slave for years before my career change. I’m used to computer stuff being painful and drawn out. Not this time.

When I popped in the CD and it instructed me to double-click on the icon to install, I rolled my eyes and looked for the *detailed* installation instructions. I found a PDF which said: Double-click on the icon to install. And it really *was* that simple. Even my internet still worked after. I love Apple!

I spent the rest of the day reading and watching movies (‘Wall-E’ was seriously cute!) I’m eating too much chocolate, enjoying the wine and discovering (once again) that I’m gloriously content spending Christmas solo.

Who needs family drama? I don't!

I didn’t forget Princess Fur Friday and this week’s photo has a holiday theme, of course!

(she earned some serious dog treats for that one)

Merry Christmas!

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