Saturday, December 19, 2009


Yes, I am aware that totally missed the boat for 'Princess Fur Friday' yesterday. But if I can't find time for my yoga practice then digging around for a good photo of my dog is probably not in the cards. Today will be better. I've carved out some time in the afternoon to eat Death By Chocolate cookies and chill out. I need this - I'm losing it.

This week, we'll have 'Princess Fur Saturday' because I know a few of you would be too sad if I didn't post a Fur Photo.

Lately, the Princess has been stretching out her legs in this hilarious fashion, then just LEAVING THEM THERE, hanging in space. For long, uncomfortable periods. Until I'm compelled to walk over and make an 'adjustment' to her 'sleeping pose', because OMG-the-hyperextension!

I'm SUCH a yoga teacher!

By the way, this (by which I mean sleeping, not hyperextension) is typically what the Princess does each day as I practice yoga: blissfully snoozing off her breakfast (in anticipation of lunch, the cuddles, a walk, more cuddles, another nap, treats!, cuddles, supper, etc.).

In my next life, I think I want to BE Princess Fur!

So here's a shocker: I'm feeling reluctant to practice Ashtanga these days. Even a good dose of Beryl isn't reviving my passion for the practice. And so I'm taking a break - relying on some fun, happy YogaDownload 'Power Yoga' classes to keep myself on the mat. I'm quite aware that I go through 'phases' in my practice and here's yet another one!

Not exactly lazy, but 'bored' perhaps?

Today, I did Power Yoga #5, 30 minutes with Jamie. I'm realising that YogaDownload does Power Yoga/Vinyasa stuff particularly well.

This was a fun, snappy class with strong and effective cueing. I was having one of those mornings when I did NOT want to be on the mat but within 5 minutes, I was rolling along and enjoying the ride.

Good class! I have a feeling the 20 minute version will be just as good, and I'm eager to see what the longer versions are like - there's even a 75 minute version for this one! That's four more version of this particular class to try. Maybe I'll make it a 'vinyasa' week!

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Claudia said...

Whatever keeps you on the mat, yes.

I just ordered a Beryl book, I got inspiration reading your post, I never read anything by her, and it seems like a lot of people do get something out of it.

Enjoy your online week!