Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I'm definitely a dog person, but I do like cats. And this year, I'm the official Holiday Cat Sitter for my neighbourhood! I'm looking after a grand total of three cats - I picked up the final set of keys this morning.

Unlike dogs, cats can pretty much fend for themselves for days at a time, but I'm stopping in once a day to make sure the kitties have food and water and some affection. These felines are hilarious and I'll definitely be posting some stories.

The cats, along with everything else I'm involved in, will be keeping me busy over the next week-and-a-bit. I was initially concerned that I might be bored or lonely - the girlfriend is away for a week visiting with family. But no - I checked my calendar and there's something listed every single day. Between my classes, the soup kitchen, the cats, parties and fun with friends, my dance card is filled!

And weirdly, I'm finding it really difficult to fit my yoga practice in. This morning, I found an spare half-hour before leaving to teach and decided to go ahead and practice. I'm glad I did! I wouldn't have had time to otherwise.

My stiff, crampy hip is still bugging me a bit, so I did the YogaDownload Hip Opening Flow #1 sequence, 20 minutes, with Jamie. This was a better class than yesterday's - less scripty and staged. And the poses were great for my hips. Sadly, there isn't a longer version of this class. I was hoping for a 30 and 45 minute version.

Next on my tight schedule: cleaning. The apartment is a pig sty. If Santa sees this mess, he won't even bother to come in and put coal in my stocking! I want my coal!


Skippetty said...

Coal is a secret code name for chocolate, yes? ...I hope you get lots of coal from Santa, then! Have a great silly season! :)

Michelle said...

Merry Christmas Kai. Hope you have a nice weekend.

Kaivalya said...

Here in Canada, we use the coal to heat our igloos in the winter. ;-)

Or, at least we do that when we HAVE a winter. It's cold here, but no substantial snow yet. Given the weather in Washington D.C. and London, UK, that's just bizarre.

(and I just proved a theory: give a Canadian any topic and she can turn the conversation to the weather! *wink*)

You too! Enjoy the holiday weekend! Hope you had a good Solstice!