Saturday, December 12, 2009


Murphy was running the public transit system this morning. You know, Murphy. The same guy who created 'Murphy's Law'.

I stepped onto the subway, thinking I was in for a 7 minute ride downtown only to realise that I'd better make myself comfortable because that train wasn't going *anywhere* very quickly. Stop and start. Stop and start.

It was either mechanical failure or a suicide. My vote is for a suicide. The announcement said that it was a switching problem but you never know if they're being honest. Especially on the weekend, which is suicide prime time, particularly this time of year.

I finally got off the train and took a streetcar, then I RAN to the gym, only to discover that I had NO students. Not a single one. I'm so glad I hurried! *eyeroll* One person signed up, but didn't show up and all of my regulars were MIA. It's never happened before at this particular venue, so I'm blaming Christmas. Stuff like this gets me all cynical and Grinchy.

I chatted with the guy at the front desk for awhile and then wandered off to the Grumpy Russian Guy to get my hair cut. It wasn't too cold so I walked up to my favourite music store to look at guitar stands.

I have this theory: I'll practice more if I can actually see my guitar sitting there in the corner of the room. Guilt by visualization! (I hope Guitar Teacher isn't reading this! I *have* been practising! Honest!) The whole see-it-do-it thing works for yoga - I keep my mat in plain sight for precisely that reason. Besides, my new guitar is really beautiful. It will be fun to have it out.

I bought a nice stand, one of the Hercules ones. Very solid. I like supporting the Sikh Guy and his little downtown music store. They're competing again the Big Chain Guys and I know it's rough going for him some months. He was happy to see me!

And now I'm baking cookies and figuring out something decent to wear to the Christmas party tonight. My girlfriend is out of town, so I don't have to travel to anywhere this weekend. I'm very excited about staying put, a homebody at home! Tomorrow, I'm going to hunker down with a pot of chai tea and do the full Primary Series with my buddy Beryl! Good times :-)

To prepare, I did a kind of squirrely and distracted half-Primary this morning, ending with an appended closing sequence (I ran out of time). But I did do a State-of-the-Backbend photograph, featuring my new winter weight gain (Thank you so very much, President's Choice Sea-salt-covered-dark-chocolate-caramels *burp*).

I wish I could love backbending, I really do. Because someday, I would like to be good at it. And when it's done right, it looks so wonderful and comfortable. Sort of like years ago when I watched Patricia Walden plant her heels into the floor in Downward Facing Dog. It looked so *juicy* (and come to think of it, now that I can, it actually is).

Can backbends be juicy? How? Hm...


Helen said...

Hi Kai,

Have you tried Eric Schiffman's backbending DVD? I have noticed you have some of his dvd's.

Kaivalya said...

No, I haven't tried his backbending DVD, though I noticed it on iHanuman. Have you tried it? Is it good?

Helen said...

Yes, these days I practice Ashtanga 5 days and Iyengar one day. Earlier last year for a while I did his dvd once a week. The sequence builds up to urdva dhanurasana, which he holds for a while. It really opened my back out, I could feel the difference when I practiced ashtanga too.