Friday, February 26, 2010


Snow! Snow! Snow!!!

What wonky weather! We had ‘tropical’ weather all winter, but now that the season is starting to wrap up, it’s snowing!

Princess Fur was born in November so as far as she’s concerned, the world is supposed to be icy and white. Released off-leash into the park, she bounds deer-like over (and through) the drifts. She nuzzles her bearded snoot around in the snow until she looks rather like a snowball with a shiny black nose.

This is fun! But I can’t believe it’s nearly March!

Today, I ended the yoga week with my last full Primary for a couple days. Tomorrow is my ‘day off’ and Sunday is a Moon Day (of course, I'll be doing yoga on those days, something vinyasa-y and fun, just not Astanga).

I was feeing a bit ‘blah’ as I stepped on the mat today. I think the ‘blah’ lasted up to Marichyasana A - that’s when I started to heat up and have fun.

I had a particularly nice Pasasana today. I think the bind in that one is coming along nicely. I’m still binding to a face cloth right now, but my fingers are moving closer together. My heels are on a rolled up towel - about 4 centimetres of height. Keep in mind, I’m doing this without any assistance from a teacher. With help, I have a feeling that I could bind. It’s really the top arm that’s holding me back now. My rotation is really good in the pose and it feels nice.

Also: Headstand is back in the middle of the room! I felt very stable.

I'm ready for a little break from Astanga. Bring on the weekend! :-)

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