Thursday, February 18, 2010


I did my best to squeeze in one last full Primary practice this morning. But while I was finishing my Intermediate poses, ‘Aunt Flow’ was arriving at the train station and catching a cab to my apartment for her three-day stay (I heard she gave the cabbie a lousy tip! Bitch!).

I had a good practice today, but not a great one. Nothing stood out - it was just ordinary and I was a bit distracted. Due to my ‘changed circumstances,’ I decided to skip the closing inversions.

Tomorrow will be Yin Yoga and/or Bobby Clennell’s Moon sequence. I just got Judith Lasater’s book ‘Rest and Renew’ from the library but from what I can tell, her ‘Moon Club’ sequence for menstruation is very similar to Clennell’s. I might read through the chapter though, see if I can glean anything new. I’m currently reading her book YogaBody and it’s AMAZING! She’s a physical therapist and boy, does she know her stuff! I’m an Anatomy Geek so this is right up my alley! I’ll probably buy the book - I’m having so much fun!

I’m hoping to do some Hatha on Saturday and, if I’m feeling up to it, a nice vinyasa sequence on Sunday. Although I don’t do Astanga during my Lady’s Holiday, gentler forms of yoga are fine, even beneficial (and they keep me in the daily routine).

I’ve had a weird energy surge today. During the first part of the week, I was feeling very tired most of the time *except* when I practiced yoga. Now that I’m on my Lady’s, I’m feeling WIRED! Seriously! After my post-practice bath, I bounced around the apartment like a super-ball, then finally crashed on the couch with my receipts to log for my taxes. I got through a third of them! In an hour!

Holy Rajas, Batman! ;-)

I’ve calmed down, but I’m still not getting even a tiny bit of my regular mid-afternoon slump. I’m super high energy, really warm and I want to move around (which is good - I teach three classes tonight, including an advanced kids’ yoga). My only complaint is the usual Lady’s Headache but a couple of Tylenol will nip that. This energy thing is not my usual, but this month has been a bit weird physically on a bunch of different levels.

Referrer Thursday

This week’s referrer is Bab’s Babble. I saw Babs’ blog in my access stats a few weeks ago and I’ve been happily reading her musings ever since. Babs doesn’t post often, but when she does, she has something ‘real’ to say and she always leaves me with something to think about. I’m looking forward to combing the archives for more inspiration.

Today, she shared a wonderful quote from Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ (I’ve had that book loaded on my Kindle for ages; I need to read it!) and reflected on ‘impossible things’ in yoga.

My ‘impossible things’: I’ll never forget my first handstand in the middle of the room (with the person who was spotting for me holding my legs in a full-body bear hug to keep me from having a complete melt-down).

And I still reflect with pride on the first time I calmly did a wall-less headstand in the middle of a yoga class. By the end of 2010, I hope to carry the memory of my first successful drop-back into Urdhva Dhanurasana!

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