Monday, February 15, 2010


Grumpy. I think I had some version of the ‘Monday Blues’ this morning, or maybe the ‘Gray February Blues’. It’s darkish and somber out, very cold, and scant snow on the ground to dress things up. The problem with a ‘break from routine’ is the 'going back to the routine’ part. I was all used to my daily round of Astanga and work, then I took a couple days off and now look at me: whinging.

Technically, today is a holiday but time stops for no yoga teacher. My classes were running. I was surprised to notice how empty the city centre was as I travelled through this morning. This is a relatively new holiday to us and in the first year, it seemed that most businesses were open. Not today. It felt like a Sunday.

My practice was full Primary with 5 Intermediate poses. I used the cork blocks, giving myself a bit more height to work with for lift-ups. I was amazed to find the bind in Supta Kurmasana. I was sure my Valentines indulgences (capped off by cheesecake last night) would limit me in that pose.

I was also surprised to find that I was sore in my hips and my forearms today. I know I worked hard in the YogaDownload class I did yesterday, but I guess I worked some areas that aren’t covered by my Astanga practice.

I found a new vintage yoga book at the used bookstore yesterday: Yoga for Health and Beauty by Joan Gould. This one is great - British, with lots of photos of women in bouffant hair-dos sprawled on persian rugs, practising asana. Hee, hee! I need to start posting 70’s Yoga pics again.


Emma said...

yes! please post more hilarious pictures... if only for the hair!

Boodiba said...

A 70s JC Penney catalog, complete with sarcastic, modern commentary, was one of the funniest internet emails I've ever seen.

I have the Tuesday grumpies too & I'm in India! This is a strange, strange trip though. It's different from all the others. I will figure out the whys and what fors when I've been back home for a bit...

Kaivalya said...

Oh, do I EVER have hair photos for you!!! The one I posted here is Lyn Marshall and she's relatively tame (though I love her Star Trek-esque Yoga duds). I'll try to get the Bouffant Ladies scanned for next week. :-D

I think I remember the 70s JC Penney stuff and it was pee-your-pants funny, too! Was it you who pointed it out to me? God, I LOVE the Internet!

It sounds like this India trip has been a bit isolating for you. I hope things turn around and go a bit better, both the yoga part and the social part!