Monday, February 1, 2010


Welcome to February! WoYoPracMo is officially over. I have a mental image of all these WoYo people waking briefly, realising that January is done and rolling over to go back to sleep. :-S

In the past, I’ve had a troublesome relationship with February. I’ve traditionally found it a difficult month, icy cold, doomed by Valentines Day (for years, I was single and dreaded this holiday), dampened by my Seasonal Affective Disorder and bland after the shiny newness of January.

A couple years ago, I dubbed February ‘The Yoga Martyr Month’ because as much as I complain, I always seem to do my practice anyway.

This year, I want to reframe February. I want February to be the ‘Month of Awesome’. Every single day will have an element of awesome, and I report back on my findings here.

I had a great morning. I woke bright-eyed at 7 a.m. after a full night of deep sleep, walked the dog, swept the floor and unrolled my mat. I did my full Primary with Beryl’s led, carefully worked through my five Intermediate postures and enjoyed a lazy finishing sequence and long Savasana.

Today’s challenge was a sore left SI joint (I think I slept on it funny because it was fine last night). It was bothering me on the second side of Utthita Trikonasana and Supta Kurmasana was not in the cards for me today. So I took it easy, put my extra effort into the lift-ups during the seated vinyasas and really worked the backbends.

I did two preps for Urdhva Dhanurasana today and the pose felt good!

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