Monday, February 22, 2010


It’s snowing! I mean, REALLY snowing. We haven’t had a storm like this all winter. This is snow that will actually accumulate! Into centimetres! All 10 of them.
And if that wasn’t enough for celebration, it’s snowing again tomorrow (and maybe the next day too)!

Sorry, all you Snowmageddoned Americans, blizzard-fatigued Londoners and snow-astounded Floridians. I know you’ve had your fill of the white stuff, but up here in the Great Not-So-White-Anymore-North, we’re feeling a bit giddy about it. I mean, FINALLY! I thought we were going to see tulips before we got any real winter weather.

My Canadian identity is secure (Olympic hockey notwithstanding).

I was delighted to get back to my full Astanga practice today. I felt a bit of trepidation as I stepped onto the mat, but it faded in the sun salutations. I had a great practice. The bind in Supta Kurmasana was even there. Backbends felt a bit rusty though - both in my Intermediate poses and in Urdhva Dhanurasana. I'm willing to bet that the backbends feel better as the week unfolds.

I finally got around to scanning some shots out of my new vintage yoga book.

This is what happens when the ladies get together for tea at the country estate but grow weary of their biscuits and curled pinkies. They drag a few of those fine persian rugs from the sitting room, set them up on the estate lawn and then they do yoga! OM!

These dames are doing breath retention. Pranayama for the titled set!

Check out the pre-Lululemon tights and the white shirts. According to the book, this is all you need to do yoga! Well, that and a persian rug! And a country estate.


susananda said...

Breath retentions? I hope it's on the exhale, because their spines are seriously collapsed.. I can almost feel my hand in their lower backs! And straighten those elbows! :)

Glad you've got some snow!!

LadyRayCello said...

something tells me these breath-retaining lasses aren't going do a headstand any time soon!

Arturo said...

hi Kai
they all look calorie restricted. hehe. guess people grew plumper with time and with high fructose corn sugar added to their foods.

Kaivalya said...

I hear ya! This makes me want to jump into the photo and do some adjustments. "Root down through your sitbones, lengthen your spine..."

Headstands? Stay tuned! ;-D

I didn't notice until you mentioned it, but you're right! They're thin gals and I don't think they would be this thin in 2010. Hm...