Tuesday, February 9, 2010


This was definitely one of those ‘reluctant’ days when I didn’t feel like practising. I was deep into Baddha Konasana before it occurred to me that I was finally enjoying myself and it was a cakewalk after that. I think I’m just really, really tired.

I need to be more careful about getting adequate sleep. Losing a night of sleep over the weekend put me in catch-up mode for the rest of this week and I don’t have *time* to catch up on anything; every minute is allocated. I yawned through my evening classes and right now, I’m so tired, I feel numb. I’ll try to go to bed early and sleep in a bit.

Pasasana was great today. I didn’t bind in the pose - I’ve backed off from binding in favour of deepening the twist. So I’ve been kind of reaching my arm around and grabbing my heel, then tucking my back hand between my thigh and abdomen. Today, I experimented with bringing the wrapped arm around my shin and back toward my hip.

I didn’t bind to fingers or anything, but the pose felt *right*. Now, it’s only a matter of time and practice before I get the bind. I remember how this works from the Marichyasanas. I’ll work on opening my shoulders a bit. Losing a few pounds wouldn’t hurt either. Baby steps!

I’m adding a couple classes (teaching) next week, so today was my last ‘free’ noon hour. I decided to live it up and go see Avatar again. I’m glad I did. The IMAX-3D is less mind-blowing the second time around. I paid more attention to the plot and dialogue this time and I caught little details I missed the first time.

I enjoyed it thoroughly - this is one of my favourite all-time movies. I could see it again, but I probably won’t bother with the IMAX, I’ll just see it in the ordinary theatre (Isn't technology funny? I used to think seeing something on the 'big screen' was a big deal. Now, I'm all 'meh').

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