Thursday, February 4, 2010


More Astanga Lite this morning, full Primary series and boy, was I ever lazy during the finishing poses. I hung out in Karna Pidasana for what felt like an hour.

I’m still taking it easy with the twisting poses - I’m not binding at all in Marichyasana D. Sharath's led Primary doesn’t offer a lot of time for transitioning into those poses, anyway. Instead, I’m just focusing on the twist - alignment and depth.

I did the prep poses for Urdhva Dhanurasana today and the backbend felt *worse* than yesterday. Maybe the prep work is breaking my momentum and I’m losing heat? Or maybe the effects of the Intermediate backbends are wearing off (I haven’t done my Intermediate poses since Tuesday; I’m back to them tomorrow). I still felt very strong in the pose and held it for the full count - my back just felt less open.

I’m feeling really sleepy today, definitely need to make time for a nap this afternoon before I continue my Thursday teaching marathon!

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