Sunday, February 21, 2010


I’m feeling much better today. The emotional storms are passing. I’m on Day 3 of the Monthly Misery and that too is passing. I found myself in a happier place this morning. I felt deeply content to be at home on a sunny Sunday morning, with lots of time for yoga.

I did a 75 minute YogaDownload vinyasa practice, Power Yoga #5 with Jamie. This wasn’t a particularly challenging class (though the abdominal work made me sweat), but it was fun. The time flew by. I was surprised when Savasana popped up. Already? But I was having so much FUN!

My access stats were very interesting this week! Earlier in the week, I lost two of my Google followers. I was surprised to find that my feelings were a tiny bit bruised. Then I got a hold of myself and reflected on the early days, the days of my 'five readers.'

Anyway, maybe they just didn’t like Lyn’s hairstyle. Everyone else did, though. According to the stats, Monday tipped the record for the number of visitors in a single day.

And then there were the searches, the funny funny searches...

The Internet Asks: Interesting Searches in My Access Stats

epsom salt boodiba
As a matter of fact, she does! But not while she’s in India (though I'll bet she's jonesing for one right about now!). By the way, I think this would make a nifty new nickname for Boodiba. Let's call her ESB for short! Stay tuned for the sequel: ‘Epsom Salt Grimmly’ (Oh wait, I think that's already been done...) :-D

erich schiffmann heavy handed dog series
Whoa! I knew that Erich was more of a ‘cat person’, but I had no idea! Be nice to the puppies, Erich!

i’m queen of the world pose
What would this look like, exactly? Is this the one where you put your foot behind your head, or the one where you’re *standing* on your head. Or maybe it’s the one where you’re doing both of those things simultaneously...Or maybe you take an epsom salt bath first!

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