Thursday, February 25, 2010


Oopsies. I overdid yesterday.

I enjoyed my practice, I taught some great classes, but energetically, I was SPENT. Walking down the stairs into the subway at 9 p.m., I thought I was going to keel over from exhaustion. I came home to a long epsom salt bath and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow (so much for the insomnia, eh?).

I woke up this morning and was quite happy to spend an hour doing my Astanga Lite practice (full primary with the Sharath CD, quick self-led closing sequence). My headstands are much, much better. Tomorrow, I’ll be fine away from the wall. Bandhas are a girls best friend. :-D

In other news, my girlfriend got her first troll today. As a relatively newbie blogger, she’s all shocked and offended and WTF? about it. I still remember getting my first troll. And I was all teary and offended too. Then I got over it, put on my Big Girl Blogger pants and starting moderating my comments. :-D

The first troll hurts, all the susequent ones are fodder for amusing jokes over beer. I love the Internet.

Referrer Thursday

Happy coincidence! I planned to profile the Misanthropic Yogini’s blog ‘Damn Good Yoga’. Today, I noticed that the Misanthropic Yogini had listed *my* blog as one of ten for the ‘Sunshine Award'.

That’s so awesome - thank you! (I guess this is still a small community if we’re getting into the whole ‘mutual appreciation society’ thing).

I enjoy the 'Damn Good Yoga' blog because it’s so well written. Reading about someone else’s practice can sometimes be tedious, but not this blog. The posts are fresh and interesting, with keen insights into the mechanics and subtleties of yoga practice. ‘Damn Good Yoga’ explores themes and issues that are relevant to anyone who practices regularly.

One of my favourite posts is this one: How to Trick Yourself Into Yoga. This is great advice for reluctant yogi’s of all stripes.

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