Wednesday, February 10, 2010


A quick update, in the midst of a busy, busy day:

This morning, I did my ’easy’ practice of full Primary only, no Intermediate poses and self-led finishing poses (which almost always means that I breeze through them very quickly, in under 10 minutes).

And Savasana? Hm. If anything, Savasana was a quick interlude; I think I barely did Savasana. By that point, I was already rushing to get ready for my first class of the day. I’m teaching five classes today. Five!

I’m in better shape today, sleep-wise. I got an extra hour-and-a-half of sleep last night and I’m feeling less drained.

The bind in Supta K hasn’t left me yet. Sirsasana is the favourite pose of the day. I’m discovering the Power of Elbows. Exciting!

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Rand(Om) Bites said...

You're teaching five classes! Don't forget to breathe yourself hon :-)