Friday, February 5, 2010


Holy smokes, this has been a *day*.

When I woke up this morning, I lazed happily in bed, confident that the day would be full of chill. No teaching, only a few errands, lots of reading and rest.

The reality? After my practice, I ended up teaching a very-last-minute private session for a student who was very keen to get started. This bumped my errands into the afternoon and by 3:30, I was feeling frazzled and hungry.

What on earth is wrong with me, I wondered? Well, I was SO busy, I completely forgot to eat! So that’s what I’m doing now, before I dash off again.

Despite all of the hustle, I made a point of carving an Astanga-shaped hole into my morning for my practice, and it was terrific! Back to my longer practice today (with dear Beryl) and my Intermediate poses.

Lift-ups in the seated vinyasas are going really well. my toes are clearing the floor again (I struggled with this a bit when I first lowered the blocks down a notch). Jump throughs are starting to look theoretically possible!

The bind in Supta Kurmasana stopped by for a visit and I even felt better in the twists. I decided to do the bind in Marichyasana C, but I’m still modifying D.

In my Intermediate poses, Pasasana felt very nice (no bind in this one, but I don't want to bind until it's not a struggle and that part is coming) and I enjoyed Dhanurasana.

Backbends were fabulous! Urdhva Dhanurasana felt soft and effortless! I have been playing around with hang-backs a bit and it’s helpful, especially for building strength in the legs for (eventually!) controlling the decent to drop back. Hang-backs are starting to feel less 'scary' to me.

Earlier in the week, Princess Fur found a yellow ball in her toy bag and took it to her basket. She’s been roosting on it ever since. I guess she was a chicken in her last incarnation! I don’t know what she expects to hatch out of this ‘golden egg’ but she’s pretty determined!

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