Tuesday, February 23, 2010


My practice was full Primary plus my 5 Intermediate poses today. When I first started adding the Intermediate, it was exhausting but I must have adjusted to the change because now I’m all “Meh.” It’s fine. I’m thinking of pressing on through the week with the full practice, rather than reverting to ‘Astanga Lite’ on Wednesday and Thursday.

Starting next week, my schedule eases up for a few weeks and I won’t be working those long days on Wednesday and Thursday. March will be a very good month for my asana practice.

All participants who practised daily for World Yoga Practice Month were in a draw for a prize. I won a calendar from Globie, which he sent via AirPost yesterday. My contribution to the prize pool was a ‘Cocoa Love Gift Set’ from the 5 Seed Etsy shop. ZenTurtle, a first-time WoYoPracMo finisher, will receive it early next week.

I discovered the 5 Seed products via EcoYogini and I love them! I’m a relative newbie to the wonders of cocoa butter. It’s marvelous for the skin: deeply moisturising, yet it absorbs quickly.

Last month, I bought the Orange Cocoa Butter moisturising cream and a couple cocoa butter lip balms (the Orange and the Peppermint). The moisturising cream is exactly what I needed for my face. My skin is dry and sensitive and I’m prone to weird rashes.

I had serious acne at one time, and still experience occasional breakouts so putting stuff on my face makes me very nervous. I’ve been using this cream since late January and I’ve had no rashes, acne or reactions of any kind - just lovely, baby-soft skin.

All of 5 Seed's products are eco-friendly (glass and metal containers) with natural, organic ingredients. The organic cocoa butter is particularly yummy - like chocolate for your face! Since I first ordered, the shop has grown. You can check out the full range of offerings here.


Gumbomum said...

Ooh, that looks like good stuff. I might just have to buy some (I have a serious Etsy shopping addiction). Thanks for donating and participating in WoYo!

Kaivalya said...

Just heard from ZenTurtle. She already received her gift set and she loves it!

I can't thank you enough for WoYoPracMo. Every year, it gives my practice a much-needed boost!