Friday, June 15, 2012


24 hours 'post-dental-ordeal' and I'm still feeling a bit low.

Last night, on a buzz from the pain killers, I swooped around the neighbourhood running errands on my bicycle, then came home and managed to liberally splatter my entire kitchen with gluten-free-vegan-brownie batter while enthusiastically baking for the Shala North potluck.

I woke up to the disaster and it took a half-hour to clean it all up. Does an electric mixer count as 'heavy machinery'? If so, I shouldn't have been operating one! lol!

This morning, I was groggy and nauseous after 10 hours sleep, but by mid-morning I was well enough to get out of bed and take Princess Fur on one of our Epic Walks. Despite the time-crunch, I've been finding time for at least two of these per day.

While Princess Fur used her nose to seek out new smells, I used my eyes and digital camera to seek out the colour yellow - the photo theme for today. Amazing how much yellow is in the neighbourhood this time of year. I love June! :-)

(This post is part of the June photo project)

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Loo said...

Walking my older dog and allowing him to sniff, linger, stare off into space for minutes at a time or move as slowly as he needs to, has become a form of meditation for me. A constant reminder to slow down myself.

Heal quickly from your dental "ordeal"!

sereneflavor said...

Sounds like to toaster would have been heavy machinery for your state. Big hugs for you & the princess.