Thursday, June 7, 2012


My faithful orange Vapur water bottle.

My drink of choice is water. Tap water is fine. And this is usually my container of choice.

Yeah, I know it's made of plastic, but it's light and cleverly folds into a tiny little bundle. If drinking water is complicated, I don't bother. This little orange water bottle gives me no excuse, so I stay well-hydrated during the day.

And for something so disposable looking, it's held up really well.

(This post is part of the June photo project)

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prairiediva said...

Hey, I like that little orange bottle

Mallory said...

Cute water bottle! I've never seen one like that!

Anonymous said...

Your blogging again, Yay! Inspired by your photography, I used to love to take pictures but have hardly any of recent years.

Kaivalya said...

Just a follow-up on the water bottle: You can find Vapur water bottles at most Whole Foods Markets and the website is here:

@Helen: Thanks! I'm glad you're blogging again too :-)